Thursday, December 3, 2009

E-book Readers: Going the way of the 8-track?

Geoffrey A. Fowler via the Wall Street Journal has an interesting take on e-book readers and their limitations. Will they become obsolete?

Do you own an e-reader? Which brand? More than one? Are they compatible?

Do you read e-books on your laptop?

Or do you prefer paper?


  1. I have been debating on whether or not to get a Kindle, and decided to not ask Santa for one this Christmas. I will be an e-reader, someday, but will wait and see if my library will offer the checkout service I recently read about (was it in a Nathan Bransford post?) I am currently not buying books but borrowing them from friends, family members, and libraries.

    In a nutshell, I want one, but don't need one.

    And since I won't be buying any books until I SELL MY HOUSE, (UGH!) to have an e-reader right now would be, well, expensive.

    I guess that means I currently prefer paper!

  2. I dig the Nook so far, and as dedicated as I am to the paper book, I see myself having one eventually.

    I do really like JA Konrath's post on life in the future with his E-Reader....

    A lot of his other posts there are ebook related and pretty insightful!

  3. Rachel Gardner is giving away a Sony Reader Pocket Edition and also two great runner-up prizes.