Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekly Rejection Roundup

Okay, skipped another week, but that's because I have a good excuse. really. I do.

After the excitement of getting my first contract on a PB, the past two weeks have been rather quite the downer. That's because I turned the offer down. I'll explain why tomorrow. Anyway, here're the nombres:

Total manuscripts out: 33
Unique PBs: 17
> New subs this week: 0
Unique MG/YA: 2
> New subs this week: 0

Total rejections: 2
Form: 2
Personal: 0*
> Positive: 0
> Negative: 0
* meaning anything that directly references my submission by more than title

Total manuscript requests: 0
Partials: 0
Fulls: 0

Offers: 0
PB: 0
Novel: 0

Mood Meter (on a scale of -5 to +5 with -5 being downright rotten and +5 being ecstatic): 0.8

Change from last week: -3.5

(-2.0 for what I went through that led to my declining the PB offer; -0.2 for the form rejects; -2.3 for having whooping cough and not getting anything done; -1.0 for not having written a damn thing for the last month)

Barely managing to stay on the plus side of total apathy. If I don't get some positive news or accomplish something positive in the next few days, I'm really not going to be that nice to be around.

Just sayin'.

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