Friday, July 22, 2011

The Guilt (and Freedom) of Uncircling

I just had to uncircle someone over on Google+. I feel really bad about it, especially since they're someone in my own field and it feels like a betrayal. But I threw him out, blocked his posts and essentially blacklisted him from my life. Why? Because he was flooding my stream with garbage. If I wanted that, I'd read JA Konrath's Twitter stream-- not him, but all the people who follow him. Seriously, do you realy think I want to know your every thought? Do you really think everyone you're sharing with really wants to know the latest breaking back-page news?

Then why are you cluttering my space and time with it?

I've been on Google+ now for almost 2 weeks and I really like it. I mean, I really, realy like it. I love the humor; I love the relevant editorials and advice; I love the snarkiness. But most of all, I love the fact that pretty much everyone there gets it. Sure, I don't mind the occasional photo of the pet, the occasional update on the kids or what you had for dinner (looks good, by the way). These are things that make it worth connecting and sharing with you; they make you more human, not just a bunch of digitized content delivered to me over the ether. And, yes, every once in a while, I'll share such nonsense with you, too. Once in a while. But I'm trying to work here, and if you're constantly getting in my way of doing that, then it's not worth having you around.

What do you think? Am I being too harsh? Or do I have unrealistic expectations for this newest social media platform?


  1. Not too harsh at all. It's a social network, yes, but if people annoy me in real life I distance myself from them just as much, if not more.

    New to your blog, by the way. I'm following now. Nice to meet you, KJH!

  2. I think there are going to be growing pains as people try to decide how they want to use Google+. Is it Fb, or Twitter? Or something all together different? Should they keep things professional as far as networking, or will that come off as too dry?

    It will take time for us all to sort it out (I'm still experimenting) :) but I agree, if someone is spamming the hack out of your feed with stuff you aren't interested in or *gag* turning it into one of those annoying self promo feeds like on twitter, don't feel guilty cutting them loose.

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, Matthew (and welcome to the RoadTrip!). I'm sure some people will disagree with me, and that's cool. Everyone has the right to make G+ what they want it to be, and that's the beauty of the circles: it allows you to control what you get and to whom you share.

  4. Hi Angela. Ugh, excessive self-promos. Some is okay, but don't make it about selling your book (or whatever), but instead about helping people better understand what you have to offer.

    Thankfully, I haven't been spammed by the unrelenting self-promoters.

  5. You aren't being too harsh at all. I've done it a couple of times since I got on G+ a week ago or so. I even made changes to my profile, detailing the things that I will block a person for-- and the second person to circle me after that promptly violated one of those rules with an empty profile.

    (You were the first one after I made the changes-- no problems here.)

    Relax. I'm going to have to learn not to feel guilty over doing this-- maybe we can reinforce one another!

  6. I like how I'm meeting new people through Google+ and keeping in better contact with the ones I already know. But I know exactly what you mean - I have a "chatty" circle for those that just have ... too much.