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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dumbest: Landlocked State Plans Air Craft Carrier Purchase

posted by Ken

Last week I just had to say something about Arizona's Anti-Annoyance Bill criminalizing being a pest on-line. I thought it was the apex of stupidity. Well, another state has proved me wrong.

Wyoming legislators have crafted a bill to secede from the Union. It includes contingencies for creating an armed forces, including an army, marines, air force and, yes, a navy. And they want to purchase an aircraft carrier.

Say what?

Last time I checked Google Earth, Wyoming was a landlocked country -- er, state.

But I guess Google Earth is just another conspiracy to get us to believe the world is round.

On second thought, it's a brilliant diversion from the latest conspiracy claim that we'll all be forced to buy and eat broccoli as our only source of nutrition.

Here's a link to the actual bill (in pdf format), though, really, why even bother? Unless you're looking for a good laugh.

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