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Thursday, December 24, 2015



$100 in Amazon Gift cards

A 4-book print set of GAMELAND

Happy holidays! Here's another massive giveaway and it's only being announced to subscribers of my newsletter, the Tanpepper Tidings. There are 4 prizes this time:
  1. $50 Amazon Gift Card
  2. $25 Amazon Gift Card
  3. $25 Amazon Gift Card
  4. Personalized 4-book paperback GAMELAND set

(note: If you haven't subscribed to my newsletter, you can do so here. Members get exclusive access and are the first to know about special offers and giveaways.)

This contest runs for two weeks (thru the first week of January). Good luck! And happy reading!


Terms and conditions:
No purchase necessary. Click to be entered. Additional entries for posting links to book reviews. To be fair to everyone entering, all entries by winners will be verified. Winners will be announced on Facebook and will be contacted directly by email. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the books and chances to win.

  2. Have 2 ebooks and loved them. Have to read more of this series.

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