Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week's Rejection Tally

This week I hit a milestone of sorts in my writing career (today, actually): got my 100th rejection. FS&G gets the prize, a nice juicy raspberry... plus my next sub next week. Otherwise, it was a pretty slow week.

Anyway, here are this week's stats, folks:

Total manuscripts out: 51
Unique PBs: 23
> New this week: 2
Unique MG/YA: 2
> New this week: 0

Total rejections:
Form: 2
Personal: 1*
> Positive: 1
> Negative: 0
For a date: 0
*anything that directly references my submission

Total requests: 1
Partials: 0
Fulls: 0
Phone numbers: 1 (admittedly, from a new colleague, not an agent or editor)

Mood Meter (on a scale of -5 to +5 with -5 being downright rotten and +5 being ecstatic): 3.1
(the 0.1 is because I sent out my first sub on a funny PB MS about...

drum roll

... Snot.

And I'm still giggling.

I think I need to get out more.


  1. Oh my gosh, that PB about "snot" sounds like it could be hilarious. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Good Luck!

    P.S. I love your 'about me' section. :)

  2. Ken, I got my first rejection! It was an exciting form e-mail from Barefoot Books. I'm glad that you are keeping on, your work is great. :) Jess

  3. Hopefully things will go better for you soon. You've only gotten 4 rejections with 51 manuscripts out? If those are recent submissions that's really not a terrible number. You still have a lot of work out there (which means they are reviewing it still, yay). I don't think I'll be sending out any of my illustrations until the beginning of next year (I want to make sure my portfolio and several illustrations are done before I get out there in rejectionville). Good luck with your writing, and hopefully several of your manuscripts will be accepted for publishing soon.

  4. Thanks, Blee. Funny how some memories from our childhood can still be so vivid. I hope that's not a sign of Alzheimers. BTW, I was on such a roll that I wrote a sequel. The 1st one's called PRINCE HIGBERT'S NEW HANKY and the 2nd is PRINCE HIGBERT SNIFFLE'S NO MORE. Even if they never get pubbed, I had such fun writing them.

    Jess: Yea! I mean, I'm so sorry - I mean Yea! First rejections are tough, but it means you're putting yourself out there, which is a huge hurdle, so congrats! Getting past this and resubmitting is the next. I know you can do it. Your stories are so heartfelt and true that I just know someone will buy them.

    And welcome, Dani. I started writing about seven years ago, but really only started aggressively subbing out about six months ago. Like you, I wanted a solid portfolio before making this next move. I try to send out as many MS's as I receive replies back on, so my outstanding subs usually number ~50 (which on roughly 25 manuscripts means that each story is out at any given time to an average of two houses/agents). I'm jealous: Vancouver. Always wanted to visit. Coincidentally, on Saturday, I got a request for a full on my YA novel set in Puget Sound (no vampires or werewolves), on a fictional island in the San Juan Islands. PS, can you draw me a nice plump piggy bank filled to the top with hundreds? :)

    Good thoughts to all as we send our work out into the world.