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Thursday, July 29, 2010

July's Rejection Roundup

Back by popular demand, the Rejection Roundup. I've decided to go once a month as things have been moving ve-e-e-e-ry slowly this summer.

I reported in my last post that I'd turned down an offer to pub one of my PBs. Since then, I've subbed a bunch more (over 30 new subs went out). Here be los nombres:

Total manuscripts out: 54
Unique PBs: 23
> New subs this month: 36
Unique MG/YA: 2
> New subs this month: 0

Total rejections: 15
Form: 12
Personal: 3
> Positive: 3
> Negative: 0
* meaning anything that directly references my submission by more than title

Total manuscript requests: 0
Partials: 0
Fulls: 0

Offers: 0
PB: 0
Novel: 0

Mood Meter (on a scale of -5 to +5 with -5 being downright rotten and +5 being ecstatic): 2.5

Change from last month: +1.7

(Last month was a low point, but I'm convinced I made the right decision. +0.5 for that. Another +2.0 for getting out another 30+ subs. -0.5 for not hearing anything back from anyone. IS EVERYONE AT CONFERENCES? Also, -0.3 for not going to #LA10SCBWI)

Been a busy month with the kids, too, so I'm not feeling I got much writing done. Once the kids go back to school, that'll change.