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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Final "Insomnia" Titles

-posted by Saul

The final two short stories from Insomnia: Paranormal Tales, Science Fiction and Horror collection have been released as singles on Amazon. They will soon become available on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

They are:

Raise the Dead: Chris Stephens can't sing, but he's a damn fine guitar player -- good enough, he thinks, to jam with the best. But when his mother puts the kibosh on their practicing in the garage, the last place he expects his fledgling band to end up is in the cemetery. But that's exactly where his new bassist, Alex, takes them. Alex's past is a mystery, and his manner of playing is eerily hypnotic.

Strangeness inevitably turns to horror. Is Chris's dream to become a rock star so important that he'll sacrifice everything to achieve it?

“If I had listened what Mama said, I’d be at home today.“Being so young and foolish, poor boy, let a rambler lead me astray.”
—from the old English ballad, Rising Sun Blues

Reached in Error: A series of eerily disturbing phone calls sends parapsychology major Ellen Grabowski rushing home to check on her parents. But while on the train, delays and dropped calls only manage to heighten her panic... until a mysterious woman lends Ellen her cell phone.

Once the train begins to roll again, everything appears to be fine. But they're not

Both tales are recommended for readers age 14 and older

The Insomnia collection is available in digital and paperback format.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

GAMELAND Season 1 Poll and Season 2 Questionnaire

The GAMELAND Season 1 Poll and Season 2 Questionnaire is now up. Please add your voice to help shape a possible second season of the highly-acclaimed hi-tech thriller, GAMELAND.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Science Fiction in the Spotlight: Pre-Christmas Bargains for Your Kindle

- posted by Saul

Free Sci-Fi ebooks for Kindle

The fabulous authors at Kindle Boards have assembled an incredible variety of science fiction titles, from apocalyptic horror to space operas, and are offering them all for free or rock-bottom prices for a limited time. I'm thrilled to have two GAMELAND titles featured. That's fifteen FREE titles and fifteen one-buck titles. 

Think about it: that's thirty books for your Kindle for less than fifteen dollars! These are highly rated books from some of the hottest new indie writers in speculative fiction today!

But that's not all! In addition to the bargains, they are raffling off a dozen prizes, from signed print books and books swag (some limited editions!), and Amazon gift cards. Earn over a hundred entries to improve your chances to win. (just scroll to the bottom of this post to enter)


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